Daniela11. What is your Name? Daniela 

2. Do you have a Nickname?  N/A

3. What is your previous dance experience? I danced on my high school’s competitive dance team for four years. And started an African dance team and SDSU 2015 and have been dancing and choreographing for it since

4. What is your favorite style of dance?  Hip Hop

5. What do you do outside of the Kings Dance Team?  Outside of the Kings Dance Team I go to San Diego State University as an Interdisciplinary studies major with emphasis in Biology, Psychology, and Nutrition. I also work part time as an EMT.

6. What are your hobbies?  My favorite hobby is dancing.

7. What is your favorite restaurant/food?  My favorite food is Cameroonian Food

8. Favorite thing to do in San Diego?  My favorite thing to do in San Diego is to going to eat Tacos at Mike’s Taco Club.

9. The Best part of being a San Diego Kings Girl?  The best part about being a San Diego Queen is having a group of sisters who are always there for each other.

10. What is your zodiac sign?  Aries

11.  What is your favorite quote?  “Don’t mistake a woman’s meekness for weakness.”