Coach Louie Velez

Louie Velez (Born October 4, 1959) is Semi Professional Basketball ABA Coachas well a High School Coach.

Born and raised in Bronx, New York, he attended St. Raymond High School for Boys. Upon graduation he joined the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and left while attending John Jay Criminal College. During his distinguished career while in the USMC; he started coaching in 1979.

Louie has been inconspicuously coaching throughout San Diego, CA for 35 plus years. During that period he has been involved with coaching multiple sports and athletes at the Adult, AAU/BCI/National, PAL, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School level as well as Special Olympics. A member of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and is NCAA-certified. Also has worked in the role of an Athletic Director at a Parochial Catholic School.

Coach Louie has been a mentor as part of the non-profit organizations and basketball team - San Diego Cougars from a grass root approach and has contributed to many male and female players moving on to the next level while becoming college educated, professional, and productive adults in society.

He knows the game and believes in preparation, practice, and teaching it the right way. He has evaluated and coached national highs school caliber players at the Adidas and then Nike Phenom Basketball Camps. Enjoys observing and evaluatingNBA Summer League games; for the purpose of understanding a player’s development from a coaching perspective.

He's a coach trying to give back to others. Understands coaching has many different dynamic components and you have to wear many hats for diverse reasons. When it comes to players; he tries to support them with the importance of education first and foremost, sometimes having to be part social worker and professional advisor, while always remembering how hard parenting can be and having a big brother mentality. He has always been recognized as a consistent disciplinarian.

Coach Louie is very passionate about assisting our youth and adults within the community and their development as individuals through all sports. His goal remains the same, to coach with the hope to lend his knowledge, life lessons, and experiences to as many as possible in there pursue of being a professional.

He knows he has been very blessed to have worked or been associated with many knowledgeable, dedicated, and hardworking coaches at all levels of coaching.

He has had a successful professional career in the financial world for over 35 plus years. Louie was fortunate enough to have worked the Super Bowl XXXVII media event in 2003. He believes in charitable organizations that give back to society.

His message: Yes “it’s just coaching”. Until unfortunately you're around them for close to 20 hours a week at a minimum - then it’s really a different story - you kind of become part of the equation sometimes by their (player) own choice or their guardian whether you like or not. When you first get involved with a player it’s the “Triangle” equation of [Parents/Guardian, School Teacher/Counselor, and Child] working together – then becomes a square, because as a “Coach" you get brought into the loop of helping out from “It Takes a Village”. I always felt there’s lines that are drawn when working with parents/guardian and what role they expect from you is always different from one to another - depending on the situation and relationship you foster with them (i.e. parents, guardian, foster parent, uncle/aunt, and grandparents etc. whichever the case may be at a particular moment in theirlives) and I’m speaking strictly away from coaching. As point of reference to be honest I don't really hear or talk to the guardians during the game.

Coach Louie was part of the 2017 - 2018 ABA’s expansion Team of the Year. That team happened to be the San Diego Kings. His contribution helped guide them to the Far West Champions, in which they ended the season as the ranked fourth team within the US. He was fortunate to have had the opportunity to coach an ABA All-Star during the season. His coaching philosophy is all about offensive triangle spacing and an attacking ball movement and the need for fundamentals at all levels of sports. He has a better understanding that defense is where it all starts and ends.